Friday, April 2, 2010

And like magic, they return.

So just today, I was thinking how I haven't had any stories to post recently. As if by magic, all the morons in my state decided to come to work today and give me some stories. I was just so excited.

Story 1: So we have a line of people that is at least a good twenty customers long. When this occurs, one associate (we shall call him/her Jack) runs the register, and the other associates (myself and "Pongo") fill orders. Having finished the first three customers in line, I approach the fourth and ask "What can I get you today?". She replies "Gimme a dozen chocolate chip". I begin to prepare a box, and inform her that it will be $14.03 after tax. She gets "the look", and says "how much for a dozen??" I repeat the price. She says "No no no, how many in a dozen?" Dumbfounded, I reply "12...?" She ends up buying 5, and her 15 year old daughter looks at her and asks "Momma, how you gon' buy a dozen an' you don' know what a dozen is??". I couldn't believe it.

Story 2: Due to unanticipated demand, we sold out of pretzels sometime around 6:00pm. Of course, I mean that we sold out of prepared dough. Meaning no pretzel items are available. So Pongo decided that it would be an ideal time to completely disassemble the pretzel warmer (the glass case that keeps the pretzels warm while simultaneously displaying them to the public) and clean it. A quick note, every day, there are pretzels in this case, and lights are on inside the case. A customer comes up to me and says "I want two number twos (Pretzel dog combo)." I said "I'm sorry, we're out of pretzels." He says, "I said 'number 2'". I said "Okay, we have no pretzel items period." Again, I was dumbfounded.

More to come.