Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And I have officially lost my cheerful customer service attitude.

After getting berated for every little thing numerous times a workday for the last three months, I no longer smile and cheerfully deal with all customers. People who greet me with a smile and a reasonable request receive cheerful, happy service. People who greet me with "You ain't got no pretzels left?!" and then proceed to sigh and act put upon because they can't wait 3 minutes while I make some more receive a blank, half-lidded stare, and blunt, to the point answers.

Understand, I don't hate my entire customer base, but there are just some people who shouldn't be allowed to function in society. We will have a line of 15 people, and be running around at a fairly frenetic pace to crank out pretzels as fast as our machines can (which is 4 every 4 minutes), and these people will see that we have no pretzels, and pitch a swearing fit about having to wait while we cook their pretzels. These same people will be furious if we have pretzels in the warmer, and they aren't "fresh" enough. Quite frankly, I've had pretzels that have been in the warmer for an hour. They taste fine. We usually sell them before an hour, but sometimes people get a not-brand-new pretzel. They will sigh, swear, whine, moan, even yell about having to wait. And of course, I always have to hear "I'm taking my business elsewhere!". Good, take your business elsewhere. I warn you now, if one more person flips out about having to wait to get a fresh pretzel, I'm going to throw butter at them.

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