Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simple information you may not be aware of... Part 2.

Employees do not make up prices.
You see, there are these things that we in the retail business refer to as "corporate". "Corporate" involves people like the VP of finance, or the VP of pricing, or the president, owner, CEO, etc... People who make money from our retail establishment. These people who work in "corporate" decide what to charge for which item. That is because these people make all the profit from these items.
Employees do not care if you shop somewhere else.
I realize that I covered this in part 1, but it bears mentioning again. You see, we get paid the exact same regardless of what you buy, how much you buy, or where you buy. True, it is important for us to make sales goals, but again, that mostly matters to "corporate".
When you ask for something unreasonable, we will blame "corporate".
Okay, this is a confession. When you are asking for something unreasonable, or something we can't do out of policy, and you refuse to accept our answer of "It is against policy", the next thing we do is blame "corporate". 99% of the people we deal with will drop it if we claim that "corporate" prohibits that particular action. For instance, every eleventh or so customer will ask us to heat up their cookie. We don't do that. For one thing, we have a commercial oven that has two settings, on and off. We have a pretzel machine that puts trays through for five minutes at 500 degrees. Those are the only heating equipment that we have. Aside from the inappropriateness of that equipment for the task of heating their one cookie, imagine how much time we would have to spend heating everyones cookies. So we just blame "corporate".
The squeaky wheel does not always get the grease.
Point of fact: When my wheel starts squeaking, I take it off, get a new wheel, and throw the old wheel in the junkyard. Then I grease all the non-squeaky wheels just to spite the squeaky wheel. That is what will happen to you if you attempt to get something for free by being a jerk, sans the junkyard. I'll ignore you, and then something away to the little girl who politely asks for an Icee, and then tries to pay.

All for now, part three to come.

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  1. "Corporate," huh? I never knew people would ask a cookie shop to heat up their cookie. That's kind of weird. Guess it makes them remember Mom's home-baked, fresh-out-of-the-oven goodies?